02/20/2012 : VEIKKAUS POSTS RECORD 2011
Finishes ahead after tough first half
Finnish state-owned gaming operator Veikkaus has reported record turnover, primarily attributed to strong online growth and lottery in its latest report covering full year 2011.
Key Performance Highlights include:
–           Profit of Euro 514.5 million, up 2.1 percent over 2010.
–           Net sales up 6.1 percent amounting to Euro 1.793 million
–           Online growth of 21.2 percent
–           Winning payouts of Euro 961 million, an increase of 8.2 percent over 2010
The company's switch of tack following a worrying first two quarters paid off with unprecedented results in the last half of the year said senior vice president Olli Sarekoski.
Fastest growth across sectors came from online, bringing in net sales of over Euro 540 million which equates to a sizeable 30 percent contribution to the total business.  Online was followed by lottery product in terms of growth.