Tuesday August 21,2012 :  VIRTUAL PROP BETTING
Bizarre and hardly tasteful new show uses advanced presentation technology
The latest television show concept uses high tech computer and green screen presentation technology to create action backdrops against which viewers can bet on some bizarre outcomes for the on-screen characters.
The publication Wired.com reports that the opening scene of the new US series The Gamblers has narrators making smart comments and urging  viewers to bet on whether a young man will hurl himself off a tall building after being jilted.
Produced by Fourth Wall Studios, the highly interactive series urges viewers to place grisly bets on which characters will live or die.
Admiring the hi-tech presentation skills and equipment used to produce the series, Wired.com reports that the first episode, titled The Ledge, features text messages, bonus scenes and actual phone calls from the narrators, and was filmed on the virtual stages at Universal Studios using Lightcraft Technology’s Previzion system.