Win2Day Live In Belgium

Wednesday January 23,2013 : WIN2DAY GOES LIVE IN BELGIUM
Multi channel online gaming channel
Casinos Austria-owned has gone live in Belgium using systems developer and supplier Omega Gaming’s Core system for its Grand Casino Brussels at Viage-associated multi-channel online gaming offering.
Emmerich Hager, co-chief executive officer for said, “Omega Gaming has managed the integration of the best-of-breed products we offer our players as well as ensuring consistent regulatory compliance and responsible gaming across multiple verticals.”
Casinos Austria recently won a court appeal that maintains its monopoly on internet lottery and i-gaming in Austria. The court rejected an appeal by online gambling companies Bet-At-Home, Lotelo and Bandal that a 15 year exclusive deal awarded to Austrian Lotteries was unconstitutional. is the multichannel gaming platform run jointly by Austrian Lotteries and Casinos Austria AG