Big Win For 888 Poker Player

Intriguing our staff over the weekend was a report which appeared in online media announcing a big win for what it described as a "South Australian pub league poker player" on the website.
Player Anh-Tuan "…hit 888poker's largest Royal Jackpot in history at over $190 000 playing on a $1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em table, [where] he hit the Royal Flush of Spades," one report noted.
The intriguing bit comes in on the punter's name….on checking the veracity of the story it appears from the Linked-In website that one Anh-Tuan is, or perhaps was, a poker tournament director based in Adelaide, Australia at…!
Perhaps it was just a remarkable coincidence, or maybe the lucky player had moved on?  Whatever….Gareth Edwards, the current Director of Strategy for 888, congratulated Anh-Tuan on his big win, saying: "When we established the jackpot on 888poker we hoped for big wins for the players and we are excited to see our first 190 000-plus jackpot.
"We congratulate Anh-Tuan on his victory and look forward to the next set of big winners and jackpots."