Bingo Me is owned by UK firm 15 Marketing Limited’s Gibraltar-licensed bingo software provider Brigend Limited has reported the launch of another of its clients, branded Bingo Me
The new site is owned by Hertfordshire, UK-based 15 Marketing Limited.
Managing director Ben Star says that the company is running an active affiliate marketing program, and preferred to spend risk-free money on affiliates instead of high-risk money on diverse internet marketing projects that could easily produce ridiculous cost per actions and hardly any income.
“Keeping 70 percent of lots is far better than keeping one hundred percent of nothing,” said Star in unveiling an affiliate program that proposes 50 percent commissions, settling down to a minimum of 30 percent once the launch phase had been completed.
“Bingo Me’s affiliate costs are purely a percentage of the revenues, so by adopting an aggressive program there is still zero risk of making a loss,” he said. “We will happily put our revenue share offers down on paper and sign them.”