#888poker Blast Promotion

New promo kicks off Monday and offers an opportunity for players to win 10,000 times buy-in.
In a good example of its continually evolving promotional innovation 888Poker has announced a new online game which will be launched Monday July 25 titled Blast.
The game has been designed to generate both time and action pressure on players, and includes big-earning capability of up to 10 times the player buy-in.
The format is a four-max, super-turbo lottery-style sit-and-go with buy-ins at $0.10, $1, $5, and $30, and the prize pool determined randomly only once all players are registered. All players start with a 1,500 chip stack.
The major stress-creator in the game is time…the table has a countdown timer and when time is up all the players have to go all-in until a winner is declared.
The length of time before the timer kicks in is dependent on the amount of money in the pool – when more money is available, it takes longer for the countdown to commence.
The number of cashes also varies and is dependent  on the size of the pool; where it is double the buy-in, the game has a "winner takes all" format, but if the pot reaches over a thousand times the buy-in or larger all the players at the table receive at least 10 percent of the pool.