Posted 3/3/11 :   Kovach will head online ops at Camelot
Another senior and experienced executive is departing the Ladbrokes land and online gambling group.
Alex Kovach, who currently heads mobile and international operations at Ladbrokes, has almost six years service with the group, and has reportedly taken up an appointment with The UK National Lottery operator, Camelot, where he is to head internet activities.
With little official information available, there was speculation this week that Kovach's departure may be linked to changes in executive responsibilities made by Ladbrokes boss Richard Glynn when he took up the reins as chief executive last year.
Kovach, whose position as chief executive of international development was allegedly impacted by the changes, has thus far not commented on his reasons for leaving the group
Glynn appointed Gary McIlraith as director of digital channels, international and strategy in the revision of management portfolios.
Ladbrokes has confirmed the resignation, wishing Kovach well.