Posted 3/14/11 : New study shows increase in sports gambling has followed technology developments
The wider wagering opportunities afforded by improved communications technology such as broadband internet and mobile phones has contributed to an increase in sports betting and heightened the dangers of problem gambling, according to Australian academics.
Experts at the University of Sydney say the rise of online sports betting is fuelling problem gambling. Professor of psychology Alex Blaszczynski said this week: "With more and more people gaining access to higher internet speeds and wireless internet via their smart phones, you can gamble anytime and anywhere."
Figures released by the university's gambling clinics show a 70 percent increase in internet sports betting clients from 2008-9 to 2010-11, with clinical psychologist Christopher Hunt observing that increased promotion of gambling through sports media was an additional concern.
"It's difficult to watch most kinds of sporting matches these days without being made aware of the prices that various outlets are giving for bets," he said.
He says it is natural that people with an interest in sport try their luck gambling.