BlackJack eXtreme enters MySpace

Posted 12/18/10 :

he creators of BlackJack eXtreme, the concept of playing blackjack on the poker table, have added the MySpace social network to their list of distribution and playing channels, which already includes Facebook.
The real money action is justified on the grounds that BlackJack eXtreme, like poker, can be legitimately classified as a game of skill, thus ensuring that regulatory approval can be secured.
A television production is part of the expansion plans of its founders, according to recent reports.
The company website boasts: "If you have the heart to bluff, the courage to make big plays and the brains to stay two jumps ahead of your opponents we’ve got the game for you. It’s blackjack, so the rules are familiar – you can surrender, hit, stay, double and naturals pay 3 to 2.

It’s BlackJack eXtreme because everyone takes turns being the dealer. When you’re the dealer, you can bluff, fold and hit any soft hand. When you’re the player you can go all-in but take as many cards as needed to make the best hand. And card counting is allowed. Learn to Play – Play to Win."