Bellagio Dealer Now A Murder Suspect

Body of 10-year-old found on building site
Brenda Stokes Wilson, the defendant in a serious razor assault on a fellow dealer at the Bellagio in Las Vegas last week is now a murder suspect, according to local prosecutors.
Prior to the assault Stokes Wilson was the last person seen with Jade Morris – the 10-year-old daughter of her alleged boyfriend. The two were going Christmas shopping in a car driven by Stokes, accoding to witnesses.
On Saturday Las Vegas police confirmed that they now view Brenda Stokes Wilson as a murder suspect following the recovery on an undeveloped housing tract near Las Vegas of the body of Jade Morris, which had suffered multiple stab wounds.
The defendant's bail has been increased ten-fold. Police said Stokes offered no help in the search for the missing girl.
Brenda Stokes Wilson was the last person to be seen with Morris, and police report that the car she was using was found with bloodstains on the upholstery and steering wheel.