Posted 2/27/11 : Brian Goodman involved in reverse merger
Australian online gambling operator Brian Goodman is involved in a reverse merger which took place this week between Splitrock Ventures Limited and the New York-based Elray Resources Inc.
Elray informed the stock exchange that it had acquired 100 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Splitrock Ventures, Ltd., an online gaming company.
In the acquisition agreement, Goodman acquired a total of 600,000,000 shares of the company’s common stock. As a result, the company experienced a change in control under which 91.3 percent of the shares of the company are now held by Goodman.
The new company would have around 650 million shares issued outstanding, but the public float would remain at around 25 million or so, Elray announced.
Splitrock Ventures Limited is engaged in the online casino gambling business, including the operation of the Sierra, Knuts and Lucky Lucy sites.