Laptop theives get suprise

Written on 5/31/11 :

Brigadoon's PhoneHome can even take a snapshot of the thief!
With the high international incidence of laptop theft, and the often critical importance of hard drive content, it is not surprising that software developers have turned their hands to anti-theft software.
One such developer, Brigadoon out of Nanuet, New York, claims that it currently protects one-and-a-half million computers and boasts a 99 percent recovery rate through its PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome computer tracking and recovery software.
The company is about to release its latest development – protection for iPods, iPhones and the new iPad in multi-lingual versions that will also silently snap the picture of whoever is sitting at the computer and send it to the registered owner, along with location information.
The software is currently being sold with new Mac computers.