Clive Archer Leaves Betonline

Thursday, October 27, 2011 : BETONLINE CHIEF DEPARTS
Archer's next post unknown
Occasionally controversial industry exec Clive Archer has reportedly departed his post as chief executive of the Panama-based internet gambling group BLS International – "by mutual agreement."
The company has been part of the online industry since 2001, changing hands early 2010, when it was reportedly taken over by ex-Bet on Sports managers Clive Archer and Dalton Wagner. In more recent announcements the company launched its own proprietary software-powered online poker room.
The company announcement disclosed that the chief executive officer responsibilities at Betonline would be absorbed by other members of the management team, which includes affiliate manager Simon Eaton.
Betonline is primarily a ASI-powered sports book enterprise, carrying a B+ rating from Sports Book Review. The company, at that time titled Best Line Sports, has been online since 2001 and originally operated from Costa Rica, switching to Panama City in 2004 and acquiring the Betonline brand.
The site also offers online casino action, powered by a mix of Betsoft, DGS and GTS software.