Admission made at the same time as mysterious release
The Australian publication, reports that Daniel Tzvetkoff, facing a 75 year jail term for his role in a US$500 million money laundering scheme between online poker firms and gamblers, has "finally cracked to US authorities" after keeping silent for five months
Tzvetkoff has admitted to US authorities that he has US$50 million buried in the company accounts of a Las Vegas pay-day lender named Hugo Services.  The company was set up in June 2008 by way of a US$27 million loan from his company, BT Projects and was so successful that the investment had nearly doubled in value within nine months.  
Tzvetkoff's admission was made at the same time he was mysteriously bailed in September 2010 and sources say the FBI is desperate to seize the money ahead of a legal claim by online gambling firms including Full Tilt Poker, who claim Tzvetkoff owes them more than US$60 million.
It is understood BT Project's liquidators will not chase the money due to the complexity of the potential litigation and former business partner, however, Sam Sciacca, who was cleared by ASIC of any wrongdoing in the collapse is said to be continuing his US$110 million Supreme Court action against Tzvetkoff.