Deal with GSN will showcase High Stakes Poker
The UK based Poker Channel Europe.com this week inked an agreement with Game Show Network (GSN) which will see the former securing at least three seasons of High Stakes Poker across Europe and Russia.
The agreement will enable Poker Channel to be screened exclusively in 27 European countries and expands distribution to 30 million TV subscribers, starting Sunday 7 November with one episode flighting every week.
High Stakes Poker is considered one of the most popular poker series on TV, and features star players staking up to $1 million of their own cash in a game of no-limit texas hold’em. Pots regularly reach several hundred thousand dollars and players who lose their initial buy-in can re-buy as often as they wish.
Some of the top players in the world have featured on this show.
The deal with GSN coincides with further expansion of the Poker Channel, including new distribution to all TV subscribers of UPC Direct in Hungary, UPC Direct in Czech Republic, Focusat in Romania, and Vodafone in Portugal. The Poker Channel is now available 24/7 on over 60 major cable, satellite and IPTV platforms.    
Chris White, MD, Poker Channel Europe, said "High Stakes Poker is arguably the most popular poker show of all – and deserves a permanent place in our prime time schedule in all 30 countries."