Jungleman12 HHits Dwan In Poker Challenge

Cardrunner instructor gives Dwan an expensive lesson

Daniel ‘Jungleman12' Cate, Tom Dwan's latest 50 000 hand challenger, maintained the impetus and excitement of the new challenge this week, confronting Dwan in another almost 7 000 hand hectic session. Watch them play for free at Fulltilt Poker.

On Monday the duo played $200/$400 NLHE across four virtual tables at Full Tilt Poker, with Cate extending his overall lead by $180 000 to reach a total of $693 000 ahead of his high stakes opponent.

Both players have made good use of the new rules in the challenge regarding the ‘run it twice' element, with Cate providing the more adventurous action so far…. but it's early days, although it looks as if this second Challenge is unlikely to languish as has the first, where Dwan and Patrik Antonius have been sparring for over 18 months.