New Live dealer casino game

Posted 1/25/11 : Gaming software firm launches Multi-Player Roulette for its Live Dealer product
Online gaming software firm Microgaming announced the launch of a new Live Dealer game, Multi-Player Roulette.
The game offers action for up to seven players at once per table and includes Microgaming’s "table action” feature which allows each player to see where other players are placing their bets. Players are identified on the table by seven sets of coloured chips and are able to select their preferred colour if it is available.
Multi-player roulette is the fifth game variant through Microgaming's Live Dealer product joining Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Multi-Player Baccarat.
A Microgaming Live Games spokesperson commented: “Multi-Player Roulette is a great addition to the Live Dealer portfolio.  We listen to feedback from operators and have tried to recreate the buzz of a land-based casino, where players can watch the moves made by other players and share that winning feeling.”