Nova Scotia Still Interested in Online Gambling

Following Newfoundland and Labrador premier's rejection, Nova Scotia says it can go it alone.
Earlier this week the premier of Canadian provinces Newfoundland and Labrador, Danny Williams, personally rejected the idea of the province joining others in regulating online gambling, but this has not deterred Nova Scotia politicians, who remain interested in a scheme that is supported by British Columbia, Quebec and possibly Ontario.
Nova Scotia's finance minister Graham Steele said Thursday that his province does not depend on the support of Newfoundland and Labrador – or other provinces involved in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation – regarding online gambling, and can venture into the sector if its government feels this is a good and viable idea.
Steele pointed out that it is not unprecedented for one or even some of the four Atlantic provinces to drop out of games created by the Atlantic Lottery Corp.
"The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is a venture of the four Maritime provinces but they don't need unanimity on any particular item to move forward," he said. "We could go ahead without Newfoundland and Labrador if that's the result of the gaming strategy that's currently under development in Nova Scotia."
Steele added that his province is seriously considering online gambling as part of an overall gaming strategy that will be delivered by the fall.