Tuesday September 20, 2011 : After a titanic five day struggle, a final table is set.
The Partouche Poker Tour main event, held at Casino Palm Beach in Cannes, France over the past five days, has reached a final table and is now adjourned until November 12 for the final battle between the finalists.
The final table in the Euro 8,500 event, which attracted 570 contestants, includes: Chip leader Sam Trickett from the UK on 2,605,000; Alexandre Coussy 2,473,000; Salman Behbehani 2,446,000; Mads Wissing 2,144,000; Mustapha Kanit 2,047,000; Roger Hairabedian 1,890,000; Oleksii Kovalchuk 1,626,000; Ilan Boujenah 1,241,000 and Alexander Dovzhenko 944,000.
The winner will take home just over a million Euros ($1,380,000).