Pogo650 Wins Pokerstars 60 Billionth Hand

Posted 3/29/11 : UK-based Pogo650 is dealt the milestone hand
The much anticipated PokerStars 60-Billionth Hand has been dealt and a lucky UK-based player picked up more than $100 000 for very little trouble.
Playing along with five other players at a $5/$10 limit hold'em table known as Isa II, with over 200 000 other people actively playing on PokerStars at the time, Pogo650's afternoon took a turn for the better.
The milestone announcement was made during play with over 100 players on the table's waiting list.  PokerStars gave $500 to all players for being seated at the time the hand was played and the winner received a double-back on his profits and at least $60 000 in bonus.
Pogo650 ultimately emerged the winner despite a pretty ordinary hand and pocketed $102 090 plus $147 for winning the pot.
Still reeling from his win, Pogo650 said: "I'm possibly the biggest luckbox alive over the last week or so. Two losing sessions ended in milestone hands. I think I can afford to change my old banger of a car now."