Land gambling studies reveal some interesting demographics

6/11/10 – Independent research commissioned in the UK by land gambling group Praesepe has presented some interesting demographics that may have application to the online milieu.
The research showed that the low stake, high volume gaming sector is the preserve of a significant percentage of the more mature woman.
The research showed that 25 percent of subsidiary Cashino’s female players are aged over 60 years, a figure that rises to 33 percent at the brand's Scottish venues. In total, an impressive 72 percent of Cashino's female players are aged over 40 years, with the most populated age segment being 40-60 years.
Praesepe will use the information in a variety of ways, including ergonomics in its gaming centres.
Nick Harding, CEO of Praesepe, said: "The findings have allowed us to provide machine manufacturers with a portrait of our customers with the ultimate objective of creating more player-centred products."