New Slot : Sherwood Forest Fortunes

Sunday, October 30, 2011 : Popular Robin Hood theme in new internet video slot
Internet gambling software and games developer Rival Gaming has released its latest i-slot, a five reel, twenty pay-line game which features three bonus rounds, unique icons sets for each round, two-icon stacked wilds and an interactive map of Sherwood Forest.
Branded Sherwood Forest Fortunes, the game launches this week on all Rival-powered online casinos, and features Robin Hood and his Merry Men in its theme.
In the game, players battle the notorious baddie the Sheriff of Nottingham who has been terrorising the local villagers. Game progress is tracked on the interactive map as players advance through the bonus rounds to their final duel with the Sheriff.
Players can hone their archery skills with the "Target Practice" Bonus Round; choosing a target and aiming a bow earns bonus coins. Helping the poor in the "Steal From The Rich" Bonus Round while avoiding the Sheriff's villainous minions earns more bonus coins, as does defeating the Sheriff in the "Sheriff's Duel" bonus round.
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