Gambling Security – Symantec reports 44 million stolen accounts

5/30/10 – The internet protection provider Symantec has revealed that it has uncovered a staggering 44 million stolen gaming accounts, all validated by a Trojan called Trojan.Loginck that was being distributed to infected computers.
According to Symantec’s blog, the server that housed these stolen accounts is part of a distributed password checker that targets Chinese gaming websites. The stolen info comes not only from logins of specific games, but also user login accounts from sites that host online games.
Credentials for at least 18 gaming websites were found on this server, including those for major shoot 'em up gaming activities.
Symantec explained that the reason the thieves were using the Trojan is to determine if these accounts are valid and therefore, lucrative. For example, according to Symantec’s research a top gaming account can range from $35 to $28,000.
The anti-virus company points out that it’s good practice to change passwords every so often.
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