Saturday July 2, 2011 : Wimbledon wager this week one of the biggest yet
The online and land gambling group William Hill plc reported this week that it had accepted its biggest tennis bet yet at one its retail shops in the United Kingdom.
The anonymous punter laid down GBP140 000 at 1/2 that Rafael Nadal of Spain would win against Britain's Andy Murray in their semi-final…and it turned out to be a good bet, winning the gambler GBP210 000 as Nadal took out Murray in the semi-final and will now face Serbian Novak Djokovic in the men's final.
The same punter also wagered GBP 51,000 on Maria Sharapova winning the Ladies title at 5/4, which will return GBP114,750 if she is successful in beating first-time finalist Petra Kvitova Saturday.
"The manager of our shop is still in shock, we have never had a single individual place such a massive amount on Wimbledon in a single day," said Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.