Aces Hangout brings internet players face to face

Aces Hangout brings internet players face to face
Hettema and Bergsten, the software developer which brought the trend tracker to, has a new online poker game in development that brings players face to face via Google+Hangouts.
The team claims that Aces Hangout brings a unique twist to online gambling, thanks to its integration with Google+’s multi-person video chat feature.
Unlike other video poker games, where users often play as online avatars, Aces Hangout feels more like a real world card game, in which players can watch live video feeds of the other players in Google+’s Hangouts, allowing to those around the virtual table to assess the tells of their opponents.
The project has not yet been completed, but there is a one-on-one test version using the Google+ Hangouts API developer preview at
The publication Techcrunch says the new app is "definitely one of the more clever and appealing use cases for Google+’s Hangouts", but notes that delays in the final deveopment of the Google+Hangouts API could hold up availability
Despite that, Aces Hangout is being backed by the large, publicly-traded online gambling company Bwin.Party,Digital which could boost the new app through Party Poker.
There's a rather brash 15 second demo at