Allegedly reprisal hack costs Las Vegas Sands $40 million in data recovery and equipment expenses.
A Bloomberg business news story this week has revealed the expensive consequences of a politically-charged comment made in 2013 by land casino multi-billionaire and Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon Adelson.
Bloomberg takes its readers back to February 2014, when it says a sophisticated hacking attack crippled thousands of servers across the Las Vegas Sands' network, costing the firm more than $40 million in data recovery and equipment expenses.
The Bloomberg report reveals that LVS hired top investigators from Dell SecureWorks, who have since determined that the attack was conducted by hacker activists to punish Adelson for comments he allegedly made about detonating a nuclear bomb in vacant desert in Iran to deter that country from further nuclear development and warlike conduct.
"While Las Vegas Sands had previously disclosed it was the victim of a significant cyberattack in February, the company has not discussed involvement by Iranians or the use of destructive software in the attack, which it had said shut down its websites for a week," Bloomberg reports.
LVS spokesman Ron Reese declined comment on the Bloomberg story.