Funds will benefit regional equivalent of the Red Cross.
The Afghan Red Crescent – the regional equivalent of the Red Cross charitable organisation – announced on Thursday the launch of a new mobile-based lottery project aimed at crowd-funding weekly charitable donations.
The public will be able to purchase 35 Afghanis (about 44 Euro cents) tickets, called "Sacrifice Charity Tickets", by dialling 1313 on a cell phone and following the directions provided.
Officials at the Afghan Red Crescent said they expect the initiative to double donation rates. The tickets will be drawn at the end of each week, giving participants the chance to win up to one million Afghanis.
Taib Yusufzai, head of Development and Planning for the Afghan Red Crescent, urged Afghans to purchase the tickets in order to help families who have been victims of war and natural disasters. Part of the aid gathered through the lottery will be given to children with severe heart conditions.
"Our major goal with the issuance of these new lotteries is to provide equal opportunity for helping the Afghan Red Crescent," Yusufzai said. "Meaning that, now our countrymen, no matter where they are, they can contribute to Afghan Red Crescent."