Afternorth has partnered monetisation platform CashPlay


Expansion of Game of Words expected following deal.

Norwegian independent gaming developer Afternorth has partnered monetisation platform CashPlay allowing play in real money tournaments on its Game of Words.

A new “Play for Cash” functionality allows players to match their skills against opponents worldwide while playing for real-money.

To kick off, new users playing the game can play for free and win a bonus cash prize without having to make a deposit. Winners can then cash their bonus cash prize by creating a CashPlay account.

Thomas Prestgaard, founder of Afternorth said the partnership has proven convenient as the success of the game will be beneficial to both.

“We haven't really had a lot of success monetizing our game with ads, especially when we are paying for our own ads to promote our game,” Prestgaard said. “The simple integration of Cashplay seems like the best opportunity at the moment. Besides, I love playing for cash myself.”