NetBet Teams Up With Alexandre Ruiz

Alexandre Ruiz will provide hopefully winning information to French football fans.
The French online sportsbook operator has teamed up with renowned French broadcaster and journalist Alexandre Ruiz to provide football fans with fresh insights and information on the beautiful game.
The deal was brokered by the SportFive marketing agency, and is for the duration of the 2014-2015 sporting season.
Ruiz is the anchor for TV channel BeIN Sports. Since 2012, he has been in charge of presenting and hosting some of football's biggest events for the channel, and his TV show on European Football "The Sunday Club" has become an essential source of information for de BeIN Sports viewers.
After building partnerships with football clubs in the Premier League, NetBet wanted to put a new spin on things by forming a partnership with the respected journalist, describing him as a key figure in French football.
"His presence as an ambassador for NetBet allows us to highlight our values and his precise predictions will bring true added value that our players love," a spokesman said Friday.
Ruiz commented: "This approach is a first for me and I hope to embody the brand's core values while joining bettors in their choices as much as possible. I aim to use my position alongside football's biggest names to bring added information to users and create a link with everyone on the site."