VLeague and Mojo Games partner up

VLeague and Mojo Games partner up to provide online social games and poker tournaments to Asian sports giant Alisports.
B2B multi-gaming platform and social games provider Mojo Games has partnered with VLeague Internet Technology to provide online social games and poker tournaments to Asian sports giant Alibaba Sports Group (AliSports).
VLeague Internet Technology is a Chinese corporation and the exclusive online social gaming provider for Alisports' Chess and Card Division.
The partnership between VLeague and Mojo has been formed as part of an online strategy to support Alisports' recently announced plans to launch the International Poker Tour worldwide .
In a joint company statement Friday Mojo and VLeague revealed that they are to work together to provide Mojo's social i-gaming platform and online poker technology to power the Alisports' online IPT site.
Players will have the opportunity to compete in online poker tournaments to win seats to Alisports' land based poker tour events, and will also be ranked based on their tournament play in online and offline IPT events.
Siliang Hao, the head of AliSports' Chess and Card Division said:
"Launching our online IPT tournaments in partnership with VLeague and Mojo's social iGaming platform and poker games ensures we provide our IPT players with a fair, competitive and entertaining online poker experience. The IPT online site is a key part of our strategy to make the Alisports International Poker Tour a leading event in China and worldwide"
Fred Liu, CEO, VLeague, said:
"We are committed to a successful long term partnership with Alisports leveraging Mojo's technology to provide a top grade solution for Alisports. The Mojo social iGaming platform provides us with a flexible turnkey solution that allows us to tailor our poker and social gaming offering to meet the needs of Alisports. It also gives us the ability to integrate new games seamlessly in the future."
Nick Mellios, CEO, Mojo, commented:
"The partnership opportunity with VLeague to support Alisports is a great win for us which we expect will significantly increase our global reach and generate considerable recurring revenue in future years. We are delighted that we have been chosen and we look forward to helping our partners make the IPT a tremendous success."