William Hill – Amaya Merger Talks Criticised

Topping urges the board to abandon Amaya talks.
Hot on the heels of serious opposition from Prevus Asset Management, a major William Hill shareholder, to the companys merger talks with the Amaya Group  comes news that former Will Hill CEO Ralph Topping has added his voice to those critical of the initiative.
Topping, who ran the company successfully for eight years before retiring, told the Financial Times that he shared the concerns expressed Thursday by Prevus, and urged the William Hill directors to abandon the talks.
"When this deal was announced, I was left scratching my head," said Topping. "Both [companies] have a lot to sort out in their own business. Im very anxious on the future of William Hill."
Topping warned that there could be serious repercussions for the future of William Hill chairman Gareth Davis and interim CEO Philip Bowcock.