Amazon Fire TV Offers Jackpot Poker

Move part of company's expansion in the social gaming sector.
Pokerstars has revealed that the latest version of its mobile Jackpot Poker social gaming app is now available through Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, expanding the company's presence in the social gaming vertical.
Originally released as a smartphone and tablet-friendly app just a month ago on Facebook, Jackpot Poker is a free-play version of Pokerstars' real-money Spin & Go games which lets social players compete for virtual coins instead of cash.
Pokerstars has been rolling the product out across both iOS and Android platforms, and spokesmen have indicated it will soon be available on a range of Apple devices.
The latest version of the app allows players to access PokerStars’ social gaming app using their television through an interface designed for the Amazon platform. Players have access to Pokerstars tournaments, which have global player pools.
PokerStars director of social gaming Lloyd Melnick said in a statement this week that the latest developments on Jackpot Poker were in answer to player demand.
“With the explosive growth of television apps, this was the perfect opportunity to give our players what they want," he said.“As the largest online poker company, we feel it is important also to take a leadership position in the social poker space. By being the first major poker app on Amazon Fire TV devices, we can help poker players around the world find a new way to enjoy their favourite sport.”