Antigua Gambling no new tax regime or licensing fees

No new tax and licensing fees regime will be imposed without full consultation, officials promise.
Perhaps stung by criticism of its new tax proposals during its recent consultative meetings with the few operators it has left  the Antigua and Barbuda regulator has hastened to reassure licensees that no new tax regime or licensing fees will be imposed without full consultation.
The Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) said in a statement late Friday: “The Commission is fully aware of the consequences of imposing any tax that has not been discussed and agreed upon by all relevant stakeholders.”
The statement said that last week's consultative session was “….one of many discussions to be held regarding this matter”, and emphasized that there have been no changes to online gambling regulations other than the creation of a new Gambling Authority to oversee the entire sector including online services in terms of the new Gambling Bill 2016.
According to local media reports the statement advised that the Commission was currently investigating the possibility of revising the current licensing fees, with the introduction of concessionary rates for new companies, but that these were still just proposals.