Posted on 5/27/11 :

French regulator fights illegal operators
The French online gambling regulatory body, ARJEL, has awarded an additional licence for horserace betting to BetClic Enterprise Limited, bringing to three the number of licences the company holds.
Beturf who operates, owned by French horse racing newspaper company Groupe Turf Editions has been awarded approval for a new offering named "The 5 / 5".  Approval for an additional two offerings named "SUPER 6 "and" The GRID" were denied.
In related news, the regulatory body said its fight against illegal gambling operators has yielded the following results:
–  There are over 1000 unlicenced sites operating in the the French Market.
– Approximately 300 unlicensed sites have "geo-blocked" French players.
–  ARJEL has given notice to approximately 550 unlicenced sites to cease their activities in France by "geo-blocking" French players or face legal action.
–  9 sites have been notified by the Tribunal de Grande Instance, of which 2 were subjected to ISP blocking and 7 are still involved in proceedings
–  Over 150 unlicenced sites are the subject of recent proceedings.