Aussie Millions won by Norwegian Jon Kyte and New Zealand’s Daniel Smith. On Thursday, February 9th, players of the Aussie Millions around the world were tight with suspense. Finally, it was the joint efforts of Norway’s John Kyte and New Zealand's Daniel Smith that bore fruit. They won the 26th tournament which was A$1,150 Shot Clock Team event and each received A$10,931 which is an equivalent of $8,654.

In this event, poker players teamed up in pairs to form 79 teams. The teams had to climb their way up to the throne by beating the other teams. A total prize pool of A$80,975 was shared amongst the teams. The Shot Clock Team became particularly popular because the players had to devise their own ingenious strategies so as to reach the top.

The Winners

As seen on the website, Kyte took part in the Norwegian Championships and JP Masters in Dublin in 2016 when he was pretty new in live poker. Throughout his short career as a live poker player, his earnings have reached $349,753. It is in the Nordic Poker Championships where with a buy-in €2,000 he won a cool sum of €240,000. In the Aussie Millions poker, Kyte has won 2 prizes so far.

The teaming of Kyte and Daniel was just by coincidence. Kyte had arrived in Australia with a sizable group of compatriots and was supposed to play with one of them. As fate would have it, all of Kyte’s friends had a hangover after partying at the Espen’s third place celebration. This forced him to look for a new partner and it is then that one of his friends told him about Daniel Smith. It is worth noting that Daniel did not have any special achievement before this tournament and the total sum of his career-winnings was no more than $4,000.

The final table team performance

The least amount of money which could be won here was A$1,215. The final table was made up of 7 poker teams and the first three to go was made of only Aussies. The first team to leave the final table with A$2,429 for each player was Jesse Maxwell and Sean Ragozzini.

The well-known father and son team of Shane Warne and Jackson Warne finished sixth with each bagging A$2,834. Australians Andy Zarro and Michael Gregurek took the fifth position with each getting A$3,239. The fourth spot went to New Zealanders Peter Ingerson and Jacqui Thorby who took A$4,048 each. Joshua Abadi from the U.S and Aussie Bridges Roe took the third spot with each pocketing A$4,859.

The race was tight to the end and the last team to leave the table was made of Australia's Luke Martinelli and British William Overmire. They each pocketed A$7,288.

When they were in the 4th round, it was Kyte’s time to play and this is when he got extremely lucky. At the start, Kyte started heads-up hence enjoying a 5:3 advantage. He doubled the advantage when the final hand was played. This last tournament of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship finally came to an end and is regarded as a successful last page for the poker festival. Click here to read the full article in Norwegian on

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