We all know that Australia has a penchant for gambling. More than that, these guys are famous around the world for being some of the most prolific gamblers in the world. Most of their population gets to gamble throughout the year and none of them regret doing it. You could say it is a national pastime that has taken over the Australian culture, one way or another. And while the Australian government might be worried about how this affects its general populations, the people themselves are becoming better at gambling.

If you ever needed proof of this, just remember some of the best card game players from Australia, who have impressed the world with their performances for years now. And if you cannot remember, well let’s get to educating you about them, because some of them are the greatest card players the world has seen. Specifically, we are going to be talking about poker players today and what they have done in order to manage to become world famous and as impressive as they are.

Joe Hachem

Where did one of the greatest poker players in the world come from? What kind of background did he have to be able to keep the poker face he did to win millions of dollars while playing poker? Where did he learn to anticipate and analyze everything at a table?
Well, Joe Hachem was nothing but a chiropractor in his beginning years. He spent years fixing people before he decided to try his hand at professional poker. So he went to the US and played the World Series of Poker in 2005. There he won $7.5 million and then came back next year at the Five Diamond Poker Classic to add on another $2.2 million. And he has been playing nonstop since, resulting in him earning about $12 million over the entirety of his career. And if that does not tell you that he is really good at poker, then nothing will be able to prove it the same way. Now he spends his time enjoying life, teaching those who are interested in how to play poker, tweeting about poker and sometimes playing live Aussie casino games online and at the land-based casinos as well.

Jeff Rossiter

Jeff Rossiter is a bit of a strange person. For someone who has become one of the biggest stars of the poker world, he seems to spend a lot of time avoiding the spotlight. He does not like to be praised or reported on, but he does like to play, and he is good it. He has proven it after winning the 2013 Guangdong Asia Millions competition and taking home $3.2 million. Ever since then he has been spending a lot of time within the Asian competitions, playing nonstop. Over the years of doing so, he has managed to become one of the highest earning poker players from Australia, which is something pretty easy to deduce even if he refuses to talk about it in public.

Jeff Lisandro

You don’t need to have to earn millions in a single game to be able to earn the name of one of the best players in the world. Jeff Lisandro is a defensive player, who spends time playing the final tables at championships around the world. And even if you have not heard of him win a million in a single game, you should not be surprised when you find out that is one of the highest earners in the game, around the world. In order to raise awareness about poker, the way the game is played, and other aspects surrounding the game, Jeff currently runs his own page, dedicated to what he does and how he plays and to poker in general. Also, Jeff has appeared in a couple of movies.

Mel Judah

While the youn guns are taking over the came today, the old school still persists, and it is stronger than ever. It is important to pay your respects to those who started the tradition of Australian poker players being as good as they are and being famous for what they do. Mel Judah is the definition of the old school. He was the first Australian to win the world poker series and has ever since been an impressive presence at the poker table, around the world. He has participated in numerous championships and challenges, won many bracelets and many championships, as well as a whole load of money. Here’s to one of the most respected players of all time, and here is to respect the old school.

David Steicke

David Steicke started playing a long time before he started his career of being famous. And ever since he started being famous, he has been unstoppable, participating and winning championships left and right. His biggest victory was the 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event, earning him 1.2 million AUD. But he hasn’t stopped there, just like he didn’t start there. He is still going and winning, with his current career earnings being somewhere just under $4 million.

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