Australian gambling executives Still Detained in China

Australian Justice Minister says the federal government has "indicated its concern" to China over the continued detention of its nationals.
The visiting Australian gambling executives detained by China almost three weeks ago on what are believed to be gambling promotion-related charges remained in custody this week despite assurances by the Australian federal government that it has "indicated its concern" to the Chinese authorities over the continued detentions.
Speaking from Beijing, the Australian Justice Minister, Michael Keenan said that he had raised the matter with both the Minister for Public Security and the Vice Minister for Public Security in China, but added that his government would respect Chinas sovereignty.
On October 13 the three visiting Australians, along with 15 other Crown Resorts employees working in China, were arrested. No official charges have thus far been specified by the authorities.
Under Chinese law detainees can be kept in custody for up to 37 days without trial or charges.