Friday June 8, 2012 : BETTING ON BASEBALL APP
Launch promo includes bets on Yankees vs. Mets with an iPad prize
The latest Facebook betting app was launched by the US company SK Planet this week under the brand BettingStar, a virtual betting game that enables sports fans to use virtual Facebook currency to bet on real life sporting events and games.
The app launches with a contest surrounding the heated rivalry between the New York Yankees and New York Mets and their coming Major League Baseball game this weekend. Participants who correctly guess the outcome of the game by placing a bet on BettingStar can win an iPad3, iPod Nano or an Amazon gift card.
Going forward, BettingStar will provide sports fans with an easy, entertaining and safe way to bet on a variety of sporting events including Major League Basketball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and European soccer games, in all cases using virtual currency.
The product features quests and a level-up system where users can win badges and coins to continue betting on their favorite games and events while sharing their success with friends and inviting them in for one-on-one betting.
SK Planet says that it plans to expand its game soon to include sports such as rugby, ice hockey and American football.