Beating Blackjack

Blackjack is so much fun because of the fast paced, the unknown because it is a game of chance, as well as the excitement that grows with the dealing of each card. Many people love to play because they dream of actually beating blackjack. How do you go about beating blackjack? Simply put, you have to know the game.

If you want to beat blackjack you need to ensure that you understand the object of the casino game. If you are new to blackjack you should know that your goal is to beat the dealers hand by getting the closest to 21 without going over. If you get closer to 21 without busting you win!

Choose and stick with a strategy to make your game play as uniform as possible. There are some simple strategies that will help you experience a win more often. For instance, if your hand has a value 15 or 16 you should stand if the dealer’s face card is a two, three, four, five, or six. If your hand is valued at less than 15 or 16 you should hit until you’re at 17 or higher. The same is true if the dealer’s first card is a seven or higher, you will want to hit until your hand is valued at 17 or more.

Don’t forget that the 10 is the most common card in the deck. This means that if the dealer has an up card that is a 7 you should assume, just to be safe, that their hand is valued at least 17. This is a great way of gauging whether or not you are closer to the all mighty 21 than the dealer. When you have an idea of what the dealers hand is, you’ll be better able to decide when you should hit and when you should stand. This is the most basic blackjack strategy but it is one that works well time and time again.

Know when the dealer is more likely to bust than not. For instance, if the dealer has an ace as an up card they have an 11% chance of busting. If they have a ten they have a 21% chance of busting, an eight and they have a 24% chance, six a 42% chance, five a 43% chance, four a 40% chance, and a two they have a 35% chance of busting. Knowing this will allow you to play with confidence based on just that one up card of the dealers. When you pair this with the strategy noted above you will have a good idea of whether you can beat the dealer with each and every hand.

Beating blackjack is not unattainable when you follow these basic Blackjack tips. While you can never guarantee that you are going to win a hand, this basic knowledge and understanding will help you improve your chances of winning at blackjack. Like any other casino game, the house has the edge and there is an element of risk, but with this information you will minimize the risk with each and every hand and swing the odds more in your favor.

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