Ben Affleck lost $400 000 on a single hand to Ron Meyer

Thursday July 7, 2011 :  Movie star lost almost $400 000 on a single hand to film producer
Revelations on the high stakes poker antics of top Hollywood stars continued this week, with Star magazine and reporting that actor Ben Affleck (35) once lost $400 000 on a single hand to Ron Meyer, president of Universal Studios.
The publications have claimed that Affleck was just one of many actors involved in high stakes poker action that included A-listed actors such as Spiderman Toby Maguire and sports stars like Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez. Maguire has since denied the allegations.
It is claimed that at one point Affleck, who has been generous in poker events in aid of charity, even hosted his own game, which was referred to as "Ben's Game", at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills.