Limited Gambling To Be Allowed in Bermuda

Position of online sports betting and daily fantasy sports still unclear.
After two years of discussion senators in the self-governing British overseas territory of Bermuda finally approved the Casino Gaming Amendment Act 2016 last week, ushering in a potentially more liberal and practical approach to gambling in the Caribbean island nation.
Whilst the bill deals mainly with land casino-related licensing requirements, anti-corruption measures and fighting the specter of problem gambling, there are also provisions regarding the use of on-premises only mobile devices to gamble, although operating an online casino enterprise within the territory remains illegal.
That seems like the waste of an opportunity, because Bermudans can still gamble on offshore online casino websites.
The legalization appears to take a more practical approach to sports betting, which is allowed following an acknowledgement that Bermudans are betting online anyway, again on offshore websites.
However, the detail is still to be provided regarding issues such as which sports will be allowed. That permission is apparently extended to daily fantasy sports betting, too, although again the blanks will need to be filled in.
Michael Fahy, the local minister for tourism, said in a statement that the legislative changes have further advanced the potential for a limited number of tourist-pulling land casinos in Bermuda, operating through a strict regulatory and licensing regime that will protect the consumer.
Much of the content of the legalization can be attributed to the expert input of former California Gaming Commissioner and respected regulator Richard Schuetz, who was engaged by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission as executive director two years ago.