Paf awarded Best Initiative in Responsible Gaming 2016

Monday March 14,2016 : PAF RADAR SYSTEM WINS AWARD

JDigital recognises Paf responsible gambling system.

Åland-based gaming company Paf was awarded the Best Initiative in Responsible Gaming 2016 by Spanish industry organisation Jdigital for its Radar responsible gaming system.

The system developed by Paf identifies online customers at risk of developing gaming-related problems or addictions.

“We are extremely proud to receive this prize and we see it as proof of being a leader in the industry in responsible gaming and social responsibility.

“Responsible gaming is at the heart of our activities, and we believe that it is something that will help us establish long-term relationships with our customers and create loyalty among our players,” Albin Tiusanen, Paf’s Country Manager for Spain said in a press statement.