New KYC Software for Betfair

UK online gambling group now live with Jumio solution.
The online and mobile credentials management firm Jumio, Inc., has announced that its player verification system NetVerify has gone live with the Betfair internet gambling group in the UK.
Netverify turns customers’ mobile device camera or webcam into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify ID and other credentials to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and reduce fraud.
Betfair's deployment of NetVerify means that punters can enjoy a faster customer experience with the betting company instead of having to take a picture of their ID document and then fax or email it to the Betfair verifications team.
"By adding Netverify into the customer verification process, we are making life quicker and easier for our customers, minimising fall-out from lengthy verification processes and removing costly man hours where we have to receive and review documents manually”, said Phillip Rivers, head of registrations, payments and fraud at Betfair.
Other major online gambling operators like Mr Green and Pokerstars are already using NetVerify.