Betfred Consolidating Mobile Gaming

Interactive division of major UK gambling group combines all of its mobile betting facilities
The major land and online gambling group Betfred in the UK has revealed that it has embarked on a plan to consolidate all of its mobile betting services on one platform. The initiative includes apps like Goals Galore and Virtual Sports, along with the company's new mobile sports book.
Earlier this year Betfred partnered up with Playtech on the mobile gaming front, providing its internet and mobile punters with both Android and iOS action.
Betfred execs say that the new, in-house developed mobile sports book app gives its operations more flexibility, and means that Betfred is not reliant on third party suppliers in pushing ahead with offerings that will appeal to its player base.
Although no details have thus far been released, company execs have hinted that further changes and new products for the mobile market, mostly developed in-house, will soon be forthcoming.