Newcomer is a joint venture by mobile payments entrepreneur Paul McNea and mobile technology firm Yuza
There's a newcomer on the mobile social gaming scene following a joint venture agreement between mobile payments entrepreneur Paul McNea and mobile technology firm Yuza.
Branded BetFuze, the company is scheduled to launch sometime in Q1-2013, and is described as an advanced mobile platform which fuses social intelligence, user behaviour, dynamic learning and location services with industry norms.
It claims that its launch team has generated "millions of downloads" for its apps, and will change the way in which companies engage with the mobile audience by introducing unspecified but innovative features to the mobile gaming sector .
McNea hints at the market targeting when he says that the explosion in mobile communications technology, coupled with the massive popularity of live sports betting, has created a new playing field for gambling operators and one which will create the biggest expansion for the gambling sector since the start of i-gaming in the 90’s.
“We’re starting to see both underdeveloped and new gambling markets open up, [and] the addition of two new high growth distribution channels in Mobile and Social will only accelerate growth," he opines.
McNea said that BetFuze has raised significant industry funding, and will be announcing a number of strategic partnerships in the near future.