Betislands Not Paying Players

And the situation does not look good for unpaid players
After several weeks of rumour and speculation, it appears that sports betting website Betislands has gone to the wall owing players money after its financial backers pulled out.
Additionally, bad management decisions and a tough run of sports events have been blamed for the company's failure after only three years in business.
The respected Sports Betting Review information site noted the shuttering this week, commenting that it had engaged with the parties involved, but that the picture for owed players was bleak.
"This came to be because BI lost its financial backer and the people left could not make it work," SBR reported, adding that there were warning flags when the company had difficulty paying players, blaming the delays on its processor difficulties.
More informal accusations by punters on sports betting message boards alleged that staff members had left Bet Island and that management had behaved in a questionable manner