Betsson Full Year 2015 Earnings


But impacted by currency exchange fluctuations during the fourth quarter.

In its full year 2015 fiscal report, Betsson said it had achieved strong organic growth showing the company has one of the most efficient strategies in the industry.

Key performance indicators for the period ending December 31, 2015 include:

–    Group revenues of SEK 3,722 million (2014: SEK 3,035.1 million), an increase of 23 percent.

–    Gross profit was SEK 2,675.6 million (2014: SEK 2,231.3 million), up 20 percent.

–    Operating income increased to SEK 886.4 million (2014: SEK 821.2 million) and operating margin amounted to 23.8 percent (2014: 27.1 percent).

–    Income before tax increased to SEK 883.0 million (2014: SEK 814.8 million) and net income increased to SEK 831.7 million (2014: SEK 770.7     million).

–    Transfer to shareholders of SEK 623.8 million (2014: SEK 549.3 million) proposed, which corresponds to SEK 4.51 (2014: SEK 3.98 per share).

Key performance indicators for the 3 month period ending December 31, 2016 included:

–    Customer deposits in all of Betsson’s gaming solutions amounted to SEK 3,471.4 million (Q4/2014: SEK 2,977.1 million, an increase of 17 percent.

–    Gross turnover in Sportsbook amounted to SEK 6,428.8 million (Q4/2014: SEK 5,074.8 million, up 27 percent.

–    Mobile revenue represented 36 percent (Q4/2014: 23 percent) total revenue and amounted to SEK 373.3 million (Q4/2014: SEK 186.6 million, an     increase of 100 per cent.

–    Recently acquired Europe-Bet grew 21 percent (in local currency revenue by 27 per cent) and contributed SEK 21.8 million to the Group’s operating     income.  Of Europe-Bet's revenue during the quarter, SEK 20.1 million was derived from land-based operations.

"We are really pleased that our underlying organic earnings are increasing more than our revenue, adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations,” Pontus Lindwall, president and chief executive officer of Betsson commented.  “This shows that Betsson has one of the most efficient strategies in this industry.