Olympian Group has launched BetSystems

"App Store of online casino management"
The Olympian Group has launched BetSystems, a modular online casino, sportsbetting and poker management system, it is marketing as the most cost-effective operating solution on the market.
Describing the product as "the App Store of online casino management", BetSystems offers casino management technology, payment methods, integrated on-demand features, development support and powerful marketing features.
Peter Karroll at IAM Corp, the marketing arm of Olympian Group, said: “In 2012 we embarked on a search for the top platform on the planet and one stood out far above the rest. We needed a casino platform where we could invite the best software brands to join the party, where our clients, the gaming brands, could enjoy a cost effective easy to use casino management system with multiple modules all with unparalleled advancements.”