Posted 1/11/11 : n-play technology will offer VC customers relevant ‘reasons to bet'
Betting tools developer, Bettorlogic has announced the integration of its live bet stimulation technology directly into Victor Chandler's in-play football platform.
Bettorlogic claims that its Livelogic technology generates around 40 in-play prompts per match and identifies the most interesting betting opportunities in real-time thereby offering Victor Chandler's customers relevant ‘reasons to bet' on any of around 30 000 live football matches annually.
“We’re delighted to see Livelogic integrated so directly into the Victor Chandler in-play experience. We’ve long been confident of its ability to improve in-play betting performance and it’s great to see it in action through another of the world's leading sportsbooks," commented Mike Falconer, CEO, Bettorlogic.
Paul Louis, COO of Victor Chandler said, "Victor Chandler is committed to offering the best possible in-play experience and the Livelogic technology is a unique and exciting addition to our platform. We expect plenty of positive feedback from our customers.”
Bettorlogic is backed by Andrew Black, co-founder of Betfair and Nigel Payne, ex-CEO of Sportingbet.