Overwhelming support in the House for new and more specific law
Probably carried along by outrage at the recent online gambling scandal in the state, and the consequent resignation of its lieutenant governor  the Florida House of Representatives has wasted no time in approving a new law which is substantially more specific and restrictive regarding internet cafe ‘sweepstakes' style online gambling.
Barely a week after the scandal surfaced, Florida lawmakers drove a bill through the House and passed it on a vote of 108 to 7 Thursday, progressing it to the state Senate.
Internet operators will find far less wriggle room in the new law if it is passed; it embraces both financial and administrative aspects critical to the successful operation of this genre of gambling.
Whilst online poker is not the target of the measure, there could be consequences for the pastime, opines the information website Legal Poker Sites, noting that it could make more difficult any future move in Florida to legalise online poker, or for that matter internet gambling in general.
This view is based on the tight wording of the new proposal, which prohibits the use of an electronic device or computer for the purpose of receiving credits if these are then used to win anything of value.
Bill CS/HB 155 can be viewed here: